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Rogers Park Parents exists to help provide an infrastructure for community building among parents in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. It is the central belief of Rogers Park Parents that by making it easier for parents to know more about the events, institutions, and most importantly, the people in their neighborhood, those parents will become more committed to that neighborhood. Thus, Rogers Park Parents hopes to make Rogers Park better for parents, but it also hopes to encourage all parents to be better citizens of Rogers Park.

We see ourselves as helping parents attend to five interrelated areas of interest:

Neighborhood Spaces: Rogers Park is a neighborhood of beautiful parks, playgrounds, and residential streets. Parents benefit when these are cared-for spaces that we’re excited to share with our children.

Neighborhood Activity: Rogers Park offers many resources for parents and families, from casual playgroups to family-friendly businesses to park district classes. Parents benefit when information about these events is spread widely. When they are well attended, they encourage everyone to increase the activities our neighborhood provides.

Neighborhood Learning: Rogers Park offers many formal and informal education options. Parents benefit when local schools are strong, when preschool and after school options are diverse and engaging, and when parents and adults have continuing education opportunities.

Neighborhood Safety: Crime remains a concern in Rogers Park. Parents benefit when they know what crimes occurs and where, how to report them, and how to prevent them. By sharing information and making our presence known, we can help make a safer Rogers Park for everyone.

Most importantly, Rogers Park Parents supports:

Neighborhood Community: Rogers Park is a fantastically dense and diverse neighborhood. Parents benefit when they have the means to reach out to others, and to learn more about their lives and concerns. By working to build a social community, we become parents who give back to the neighborhood.

Rogers Park Parents is committed to a grassroots approach to organizing. Rather than imposing a top-down model of unified opinions and activities on our diverse neighborhood, our primary goal is to help better communication among local parents, so that they can build neighborhood networks from the bottom up. We hope to supplement and assist, rather than replace, the pre-existing parents groups in our neighborhood. Thus, we’ll help organize meetings, clean-ups, and social events to help meet the needs of the neighborhood, but we also see providing and moderating a neighborhood message board as an essential part of our community service.

Rogers Park Parents exists to help parents exchange information, ideas, and insights about life in the neighborhood.

Know about an event? Share the news! Have a question about an event or issue? Ask it! Want to make a friend, get parenting advice, or share something you've learned? That's what we're here for.

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